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About CRBT Token

Creepybits is a digital project started in early 2021 and aims to promote and help financing new digital art creators. The market for digital art exploded with the launch of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). At the same time, it created a jungle out there with a plethora of platforms where people buy, trade and sell NFT’s. By nature it’s a competitive market, which makes it hard for new aspiring artists to make themselves seen.

The idea behind Creepybits is to help new and skilled artists to get noticed by potential customers.

Creepybits (CRBT) Token will be used as a currency for buying promotional spots at the Creepybits platform(1). The idea is that approved artists will be able to buy the token to a reduced price, and then use the token to buy promotional spots at the Creepybits platform. Artists can also send the tokens to potential customers, as a type of promotional material. The customer can later use CRBT in order to get discount when buying art from promoted artists, if the artist so choose, or simply give it as a tip to artists they want to support. The CRBT that artists collect through purchases, trades, bonuses or as part of payment for their art can be used again for promotional spots or as promotional material to customers. This is the circulation of the CRBT Token, with the addition that we also aim to list the token at one or more trading platforms(2).

Technical Info Creepybits (CRBT)

Name: Creepybits

Symbol: CRBT

Decimals: 18

Total supply: 100.000.000

Chain: BEP-20

Contract: 0x6aA8194b6dD2a67d2C88f6D66a313366B1556f81

Distribution of CRBT

CRBT will also be tradable between individuals from the very beginning.

(1) Creepybits platform is under development. (2) We will continuously work towards finding a suitable platform for trading CRBT. (3) The aim is to get things started by Q4 2021, but it can be subjected to change. We'd rather deploy the project late, than unstable. (4) See point 3. (5) See point 3.

Would you like to be part of Project Creepybits as a sponsor, an investor or have something else you think this project needs? Then you should send an email to with a bit of information about yourself, what you can offer, and at which level you would like to contribute at.

CRBT Distribution Chart